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"Shane and his team at Cal mutual are a great asset to any Attorney. They know the Probate process as well as most Attorney’s and make the process seamless. We didn’t have to ask for a thing or teach them anything like we do for most agents."
Steve - Probate Attorney
"Cal Mutual was a blessing to our family through this stressful time. They went above and beyond their job and took great respect in our Mother’s house."
Karen - Client
"Probate is a very difficult time for most families and each probate case is different. It is very important that any agent working with a Fiduciary knows every step of the process to protect the family and make the process smooth. Cal Mutual made our Probate go through without a hitch."
Annelle - Fiduciary
"We had no idea there are agents who specialize in Probate Real Estate. After working with Cal Mutual we now understand how important it is to have an agent who understands the process and offers many services. They did a wonderful job and were very sensitive to our emotions through the process. Highly Recommended."
Evangeline - Client
"Since we are in Florida it was impossible to be there through the process. Shane not only handled everything for us, but he also cleared the house, cleaned it and donated everything to a local charity. The list of services Cal Mutual offers was a godsend since we could not physically be there. Thank you."
Skip - Client
"My clients needed a lot of help on their property due to it’s current condition. Cal Mutual offered many different services like estate sales, clean out, auto haul-away, maintenance and even up-front capital for repairs. It was nice to know that my clients were so well taken care so I could focus on the actual Probate and the family got the highest value for their property."
Tom - Attorney
"The death of our family member was unexpected and was very emotional for all of us. We didn’t want the stress of this process and just wanted to get through it fast. Cal Mutual helped us with every step of the Probate sale and did it all very fast so we could all move on. They are a great company."
Les - Client
"Many agents contacted us to help sell our parents property, but none of them gave us the warm, caring feeling that Shane and the Cal Mutual team gave us. They truly cared about us and our Parents home and made sure we got the top sales value for the property. Cal Mutual agents are the ultimate professionals."
Bobbie - Client

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