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Our Promise

Cal Mutual has been specializing in probate and trust properties for almost two decades.
We understand the stress and emotional toll the probate or trust process can take on you and your family. Therefore, you should know you are in the best hands with our thorough knowledge of probate and trust procedures, Probate Code and roles of the fiduciary, executors, and administration to make this process as stress free as possible.

99% of our listings over the past decade consist of probate or trust administration-owned real estate. We know what it takes to get you the highest possible value for your loved ones’ property.

We make you feel comfortable, secure, supported and at peace through this difficult process. I handle the property with meticulous care to honor the legacy of your loved one while making sure you get the maximum value for the property.

That is our promise.

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The Ways We Help You

We are highly sensitive to the emotional needs of you and your family when working through this process and are aware of the urgency to quickly get you through this emotional time. We know what it takes to get you the highest possible value for your loved ones’ property while honoring their legacy. We make you feel comfortable, secure, supported, and at peace through this difficult process.

At Cal Mutual, we network a vast network to facilitate estate sales, charity donations, and property cleanup and maintenance to ease your stress. We have contacts for every type of contractor for any work, including the following services:


Making sure your loved one’s home is in pristine shape is one of the most important things we focus on. At Cal Mutual, we have a vast network of skilled carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and others who will provide all the needed repairs, replacements, and updates to make sure the property’s value is top dollar. Additionally, we can also defer payment until close of escrow.

FREE Haul Away Services

It’s quite often that many of our probate properties have accumulated years of belongings, items, and other things that needed to be removed prior to sale. Getting your home to look its best is our promise, and we offer free haul away services to back that promise up!

Charity and Estate Sales

In addition to our free haul away services, we can also host charity and estate sales to help remove the years of accumulated belongings. Hosting an estate sale is a great way of liquidating your loved one’s possessions and donating items to charity is a great way to maximize your tax deduction while clearing out the probate property.

Vehicle Removal

In some cases, probate and trust properties can also have numerous vehicles on the property that need to be removed. Through our vast network of resources, we have contractors that can handle any type of vehicle removal.

FREE Clean Up Services

We provide FREE clean up services to help your loved ones’ property look its best. A freshly cleaned house that looks and smells great is essential for obtaining the highest offering. Cal Mutual offers these clean up services at no cost so that we can get top dollar!

Yard Maintenance & Pool Services

Through Cal Mutual’s vast network of contractors and vendors we will ensure that your loved one’s property looks great with professional lawncare and pool services. A yard is often the first impression of a property so we offer a complete clean-up of your property with mowing, trimming, and landscaping options. Additionally, if the property has a pool, we offer options through our network of resources to ensure the pool is sparkling clean.

FREE Safe Removal of Firearms

Through the years your loved ones’ may have accumulated a collection of various firearms. We offer services to professionally and safely, remove firearms from the property.

Squatter and Eviction Services

Sometimes your loved ones’ properties may contain individuals that have decided to reside at the property through previous arrangements, or in some cases, illegally. In either case, we have connections to ensure that any squatters or previous tenants are removed safely and legally from the property.

And more….

Broker Price Opinion Services and valuations are just a few of the other services we offer our clients to get the most out of their real estate assets. We are always happy to discuss anything that helps you and your family through these emotional times.

Selling Your Real Estate

Selling probate real estate requires a comprehensive understanding of California Probate Real Estate Law and Court procedures. Our team at Cal Mutual possesses an expert knowledge of the probate and trust process. Additionally, we have a full understanding of Full Authority & Limited Authority. This vast knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of the relationships between your attorney, you as the fiduciary, executors, and administrators, will help you navigate through this difficult process to feel comfortable, secure, supported, and at peace.

Our team at Cal Mutual is fully aware of time-sensitive timelines from your filings, the day of death appraisal, to the Notice of Proposed Action (NOPA) through the close of your probate or trust case.

We also offer an extended team of nearly 30 agents and 4 offices across Southern California.

The probate and trust process can be an emotional process. Our goal at Cal Mutual is to make you feel comfortable and secure as we help you navigate this difficult time and you help you find closure, while making sure you get the maximum value for the property and honoring the legacy of your loved one.

That is our promise.

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