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How We Help the Legal Process

We understand the challenges of your job as a Probate Attorney and poses a thorough knowledge of probate and trust procedures, Probate Code and roles of the fiduciary, executors and administration in order to make this part of your process stress free. 90% of our listings over the past decade consist of probate or trust administration-owned real estate. We know what it takes to get your clients the highest possible value for their loved ones’ homes so they can have a peaceful transition and comfortably close this chapter.

We make your clients feel comfortable, secure, supported and at peace with the difficult process. We handle their property with meticulous care to honor the legacy of their loved ones and make sure you shine as their attorney.

How We Help Your Clients
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Benefits To The Attorney And The Legal Process

Expert knowledge of the probate and trust process and Probate Code
Expert knowledge of the probate and trust process and Probate Code.
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Thorough understanding of the relationships of the attorney, the fiduciary, executors and administrators.

Attorney Benefit
Understanding of Full Authority & Limited Authority.

Aware of time-sensitive timelines from your filings, the day-of-death appraisal, to the NOPA through the close of a probate or trust case.

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Offer an extended team of nearly 30 agents and 4 offices across Southern California.

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Our job reflects on you. We are here to make you look great!

Family Benefit
I believe in giving back and building your network of satisfied clients.
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